Product Photography

Product Photography 

In-Studio Photography

Priced per item, with 2 views of each item and commercial use license included.  Products must be mailed or delivered. Client is responsible for shipping costs in both directions, or delivery/pickup fees. To return products, product will be packaged at a UPS store for shipping – client is responsible for this cost. Photographer is not responsible for items damaged or lost in transit, or damaged due to inadequate packaging. It is recommended to have all items packed by shipping professionals, insured for the proper replacement amount, and to use a trackable, insured form of shipping such as UPS or Fedex.  Items that qualify for this service include, but are not limited to:

  • Art – paintings, pastel, etc. photographed for reprints
  • Pottery or ceramics
  • Jewelry
  • Glass, Flatware, other reflective surface
  • Product under 2ft cubed and under 50#

Items other than art for reprints are photographed on a black, green, or white background.  Items can be on a matte or reflective surface.

Additional Settings available:

These are your item in an actual setting, not photoshopped.  While many photoshop settings can look realistic, it’s less expensive and more believable to clients to see your item in a real setting or lifestyle type session.  Your item can be shown in use if requested. Animal items, food items, and hygenic items (like body jewelry, swimsuits, underwear, etc) must be new in original packaging.  Photo of item in packaging included in setting or with traditional background.  Human models, with accompanying appropriate releases, will be sourced upon request for an additional fee.

  • Equine items in a tack room, or on a horse I have the following horses readily available: AQHA, Azteca, Andalusian, Appaloosa, Thoroughbred, and Percheron. Other breeds/types may be available on request.  
  • Garage.  These can be with, or without tools, grease, or dirt.  On a used worksurface.  Items can also be photographed with one of several vehicles (Sports car, sedan, SUV, pickup trucks), in or on a horse trailer, in or on one of two types of flatbed trailer.
  • Kitchen.  Typical kitchen, counters, stovetop, or in oven.
  • Cat and dog products on or with a pet.   Either in home setting, or in outdoor setting I have the following dogs readily available: Great Dane, Border Collie cross, Mastiff, Pekingese, Black Heeler type.   Cats readily available: Domestic short, medium, and long hairs of various colors (If you wish cat outside there will be a harness on the pet).
  • Desert:  Outdoor natural desert setting.  Depending on time of year this can include wildflowers, various cacti, dirt, rocks, etc.


Location Product Photography

This is best for large items, and large numbers of items. This is priced based on number of items, and travel time. 2 views of each item, limited commercial use license, and 30 miles of travel from 85339 are included.  Items this is useful for include, but are not limited to:

  • Barns, Sheds
  • Sculptures
  • Firepits
  • Vehicles
  • Product under 4ft cubed and under 100#
  • Specific settings such as a display at an event or one that requires travel, like the Red Rocks of Sedona, a golf course, or the Ponderosa Pine forests of Northern Arizona

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