Quick Tips to Prepare for Your Session

Haircuts – don’t schedule grooming appointments right before your photo session.  Talk to your stylist or groomer about the best time to schedule for you or your pet’s particular style.

Cleanup – clean up the area where we will be taking the photos, either in your home or yard.  While photoshop can remove things, it takes time and money! If your pet lives in a cage or tank and you want that in pictures, clean it within an hour of our appointment, so you’ll only need to check for recent potty.

Standards for people – clean clothes, combed hair, makeup done, shoes polished if needed.

Ladies – Remember your VPL! Check in your mirror to see if it’s there. Under leggings, jods, yoga pants, and tights, “boy briefs” or “shorties”(something that goes down your leg a little bit) do a great job of not creating a line, and do a little smoothing on the risqué area. I wear them for yoga and under my riding tights. Also, nude colored underwear is best under white and light, thin clothes.  Contrary to popular belief, white undies show through white shirts/pants.  Also, check for straps! 

Gents – White undershirts under light colored dress shirts. I find Vneck are best.  Also, if your pants are a little tighter, boxer briefs can be your best friend.  Jods/Breeches, Dance attire, some cosplay, or other very tight bottoms should have a “Dance Belt” or similar covering your special area. 

Couples/families – Most couples and families prefer to have their clothes if not matching, similar. For instance, have everyone in blue shirts and jeans.  It’s not necessary, but it does make the look a little cleaner.  Your clothes and hair should reflect your personal style. 

MUA/Hair – If you’re having a professional do your Makeup or Hair, schedule your appointments for a couple of hours before your photo session. Make sure your artist can finish in the time allowed, and you have enough time to get to your location, if they aren’t meeting you there.  If you need help finding MUA/Hair please let me know! I have recommendations.

Standards for pets – clean coat/skin/feathers, clean accessories (halters, collars, toys), any specialty things done (like Vaseline on muzzles, etc).  If you need grooming, or final touches please let me know! I have recommendations.

Precheck – The day before or the day of, be sure you set aside any clothing changes or props you are supplying and have them ready to go.  Figure out how you will accomplish your changes at the location. There may not be a bathroom or other facilities there.

Map – make sure you know how to get to your session location, and how long it takes to get there, especially for the particular time of day for your session.  Your navigation may take you a weird way, or there may be construction. A few days to a week before is the perfect time to try your route.

Poses and Props – be sure to let your photographer know if there are any particular poses you like (and take their advice if they say it may not work well for you!), and if there are any props you may need to make or have made.

Snacks and drinks – if you’re booking a long session, make sure you have something for your pet to drink from, water, and appropriate snacks.
This goes for you and your children too. Make sure everyone’s eaten and had a nap if needed. Hangry people and pets don’t take great photos. With all the allergies and medical diets around, it’s important to have treats and snacks that are appropriate for you and your pets.

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