Frequently Asked Questions

Pet FAQ:

Why should you choose me for your pet photographer?

I have a lifetime of experience with many different breeds and species of animals and am certified in pet first aid and CPR.  I began my photography career by snapping shots of my animals throughout my life, including during training sessions, competitions, and other unusual opportunities.  I’m well versed in the desired images from many different breeds and competition styles.  I’m also happy to learn if I don’t know. 

What types of animals will you take pictures of?

Cats, horses and dogs may be my specialty, but I’ve also worked with and have owned goats, reptiles, and fowl.  I’m comfortable with exotic pets, as long as their safety, and ours, is the top priority.

What about Insects or Arachnids?

Sorry! I’m comfortable with handling and finding the personality of most types of pets and barnyard animals.  The only animals I just don’t get on with are arachnids and insects. I’d love to refer you but I currently don’t know a photographer that can do them justice.

What benefit does all your animal experience bring to the table?

I’m not afraid to get in a pen with a large animal to get a great image.  With my own Draft horse being over 18hh and weighing in at a ton, and a great dane over 120lbs, big horses, and dogs for that matter, don’t frighten me. I love them all! If your cat is shy, I know how to bring her out of her shell.  I love hanging out with an adorable beardie, or a silly little gecko.  I’m not going to run from your python or ferret. 

I enjoy not only being a spectator at different animal competitions, but I’m also a participant, often winning or scoring high in the competition. I can take direction from other animal professionals and I will work hard to get you that special shot with which you can always remember your beloved companion and the joy they’ve brought to your family.

Why shouldn’t cats and caged critters do outdoor sessions?

If your cat isn’t an indoor/outdoor, or outdoor cat (though indoor only is recommended by the AVMA and most other pet health organizations), your cat will most definitely be scared or upset at the great outdoors.  Cats aren’t great in new environments for the most part, and many only travel when going to the V-E-T, so they don’t have the best experience with travel. 

While some cats have had leash training, the ones who have and enjoy it are rare. Even with a harness, some cats can easily pull out of them. There’s also a chance of your cat becoming frightened, clawing or biting you, and running away. This would be AWFUL, and we’d all be super upset.  So let’s not tempt fate, and keep your cat in the best place to see their great purrsonality 😀

Caged critters (like hamsters, lizards, birds) are a lot like cats.  Their world is even smaller, and if they get loose they would be at great risk of harm.  It is super scary for them to suddenly be thrust into a huge, bright world.  They’re much easier to photograph inside the home, and we can get great natural light through a window.  Safety is the top priority for your pet.

What about aggressive animals?

If your pet is human aggressive, it’s probably best not to schedule a photo session.  Not only will it stress you and your pet out, it puts you at risk.  Remember, even if vaccinated, your dog’s bite will need to be reported to the authorities.  You will also be liable for medical costs and other damages inflicted by your dog.  Unfortunately if I, a member of my staff, or another person is bitten, a hospital or doctor is required by law to report it to the proper authorities.

It is best to be aware of your animal’s inclinations, and work with, rather than against them.  In some cases that may mean being creative.  I’m always up for a challenge, but remember that there may be some inherent limitations due to the given constraints.

People and Event FAQ

What experience do you bring to the table?

I have had a wealth of experiences in my life, including international travel, competing in a multitude of sports, and performing in the arts.  I have photographed a varied type of events and sports including: Golf, High School Football, Marching Band, Cheer, Equestrian Competitions, US Marine Week events, Police and Military Working Dog Demonstrations, Police and Military Equestrians, Parades, Community BBQ, Shopping Fair, Rodeo, Theater, Pinup Competitions, and Air Shows.

What does all that experience mean for me?

It means that I know how to stay out of the way!  It’s true!  The most important thing to know at sports and other events is how to get the perfect picture without actually being in the way.  You don’t want to be run over by a football player, hit by the colorguard, or have the police dog think you’re the bad guy.  It’s important as an event or sport photographer to know how to get the best images possible without getting in the way of judges, spectators, or competitors. Your coaches, athletic directors, and event coordinators can all be assured that I will not make a nuisance of myself while capturing great moments.

Do you do weddings, newborn, or maternity sessions?

I specialize in primarily Pet, Sport, Fine Art, Senior, Product, and Event photography.  I refer out Wedding, Newborn, Baby, and Maternity sessions to photographers that specialize in those fields.  Photographers that specialize build up a specific skill set, and learn many little tricks to get just the right image. It is pretty much impossible to learn all of them. I also feel that working closely with other artists is beneficial to the community, our clients, and the arts.  While all photographers strive to do our best to provide you with amazing images, sometimes you need a specialist to get exactly what you’re looking for.

Do you do pictures on railroad tracks or at trainyards?

NO.  It is a class 3 misdemeanor in the state of Arizona (ARS. 13-1502) and federally it is illegal and can come with a fine of $10,000 and one year in prison.  Please see this website for more information on train safety.

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